Once there was a man loved by the Lord,

Who did nothing to earn so great a title

But to proclaim, loudly, that he had kept

Every command his father Moses had given.


And so he, young and rich, proclaimed his

Place by the Teacher’s side, ready and

Willing to learn and perform perfectly,

The final steps to eternal life inherited.


It is here, at this point in the tale,

Before despair and prodigal chasing,

That Mark pauses his narration to

Let us know that Jesus smiled.


He smiled because he loved, no,

He delighted in this rich, young, snob,

So full of life and assured, knowing

His right hand from his left.


Here was one who knew the law,

Knew and kept! Every iota and tilda,

Every breath and sigh of Moses and

The prophets, the prophets!


Jesus smiled and loved. And how

Could he not? This God of lost

Wanderings, collector of souls and

Sheep and coins and pearls?


For here was the pearl of great price,

The one Jesus sold his inheritance for,

The sinner yes, but him, the rich young

Ruler! Jesus loved him despite him.


And having found him in the field,

Lost, Jesus went away, sold everything

He had and bought the field, creation,

Knowing the buried delight in human façades.