Been attempting theft

Since the early years.

Tried animal sacrifice,

Humans too – but

It wasn’t pretty.

Then came purity codes,download (1)

Knowing the gods oddly

Specific concerns With

cleanliness – not as fun

as it sounds. Careful construct

of laws – then fences around

Them – rewarding labor,

sure – but this too

Required maintenance.

Finally started

Training, choice athletes

Came running built an army,

Deliberated plans for the heist,

To secure the assets

Owed to us – before

They get to them first.

Clever Muslims always

On our tails, but

It’s the Buddhists

That wear us down

With their incessant

awakenings. As if God –

Or anyone else –

Speaks Sanskrit. No –

We have the truth

Already, I’m not

Worried – does it seem

Like I am? Numbers

Matter though, we’ll get there

First – what’s to

Steal, you ask?

Favor – no,

Truth – no,

Maybe salvation or something,

I don’t know.

I do know that

We’ll win – or

Did we win already?

I can’t remember.

Either way, sucks to be them.