“Again I saw all the oppressions that are practiced under the sun.”
-Ecclesiastes 4:1

Floridian children cry foul and protest
Weapons of war and mental health
Of adult leaders, the money from lobbies
Concerned with power over innocent lives
Lost in falsely lit classrooms filled with
The dead.

Ecclesiastes Rabbah envisioned the court
Of God filled with the dead children
Of adult sinners, pleading for the lives of
Their parents burning in Gehinnom.
These righteous voices rising to God for
The dead.

Through no fault of their own they stand
Uncomforted by parental embraces in
God’s presence. But God, according to the Rabbah
Denies their plea and Elijah the
Prophet rises the court to engage
The dead.

A veteran of divine protest, learned in the
Law, Elijah teaches the children
Fresh rebukes, focusing on the goodness of God
The children bring their case again
Pushing God to intervene and raise
The dead.

God, overcome in goodness and the protest
Of children, goes back on his divine
Judgment, praises the cunning of Elijah
The children, victorious over God
Acquit their parents, their protests saving
The dead.

So it is, according to the Rabbah, that the
Oppressed, innocent children dead
Can storm the courtroom of God, can protest
His judgments and demand a new
Verdict, so that God brings them
New life.